Vaginal Sores FAQ

As we have been getting E-mail from our visitors that have more specific questions we have decided to compile an FAQ page to try and best answer common questions.  Remember if you are ever in doubt or have other concerns then it’s important that you see a medical professional as our site only can serve as an educational resource but can’t give an actual diagnosis.

Q: What kind of sores can soap cause in the vagina? 

A: Vaginal Blisters are the most common type of sores that soap can cause.  They are usually caused by an allergic reaction and changing your soap will usually solve the problem.

Q: Do you get vaginal sores from a yeast infection ?

A. Vaginal sores are in most cases a symptom of a yeast infection or in less common cases they are a symptom of genital herpes.

Q: What are Vaginal Infection Symptoms ?

A. You can tell that you may have a vaginal infection if you have discharge that changes color, has a bad odor or if there is swelling, itching or burning near the vagina.

Q: Can Birth Control Cause Vaginal Sores?

A. In general the usage of birth control such as nuvaring does not directly cause vaginal sores however it is possible that some side effects such as irritation or vaginal soreness from more aggressive sex could happen.


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